Focus Group

Focus Group Meeting with Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching

As Walailak University has transformed the digital transformation on document management to increase the efficiency of work to be efficient, fast, and economical, the Digital Office Management System (DOMS) has been applied in the work of every unit in the University since then.

This system enables the executives and the administrative staff to work with documents quickly, be able to work from anywhere and anytime. It can also reduce the use of paper by a large amount per year.

On May 2, 2022, the Division of General Affairs and Correspondence arranged a focus group meeting with staff from Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching to evaluate the efficiency of DOMS use. The meeting was held at Mokkhalan meeting room, the Administration building.

The efficiency of DOMS use was evaluated with four main points including knowledge about DOMS, usage behavior, time spending, and problems regarding system use. Comments and suggestions from the meeting will be used to improve the system later on.