Make merit at Tumpang

Making merit at Tum Pang archaeological site

Today (March 12, 2024), the Walailak Cultural and Sports Promotion Center organized a ceremony to make merit at Tum Pang, in the annual tradition of 2024. The ceremony took place at the Tum Pang archaeological site of Walailak University, led by Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, the university’s president. The ceremony was attended by faculty members, staff, and students of Walailak University, aiming to promote awareness of the cultural heritage and beliefs deeply rooted in Thai society. Participants also paid respects to the sacred objects of the university to bring auspiciousness.

Tum Pang is considered a sacred place by the locals in the Tha Sala district, believed to protect the archaeological site of Tum Pang. It is believed that a guardian serpent deity inhabits the site, safeguarding it from destruction. Legend has it that those who steal from or disturb the site will not find their way out unless they return what they took. People continuously visit the shrine to pay respects and make offerings, seeking blessings. Various rituals are performed to ensure the fulfillment of wishes.